There are fewer more challenging environments in which to operate than that of the residential housing market. Every day can bring a fluctuation in sentiment, stock levels and clearance rates. Which is why we at Jodie Bliss Real Estate design every one of our campaigns from the ground up – tailoring them to suit the vendor, the property and the market in which we are operating.
A key element of this bespoke approach is the method of sale, which can become a powerful driver in engaging buyers and creating competition. Your campaign will be tailored to best fit you and your property’s needs.

The method of sale for each property will be a key driver in obtaining the very best result. At Jodie Bliss Real Estate we provide the ability to sell your property utilising the following methods depending on your wishes and property type.


Private Sale                                             Auction                                             Expression of Interest                                             Off Market Sale


We have the resources to reach local, Melbourne, interstate and international buyers. We have a proven track record of reaching a myriad of buyers with assistance of portals such as Real Estate and Domain, we achieve the same exposure as larger franchise businesses but we are still able to deliver our special personalised boutique service that is equally appreciated by vendors and buyers alike.

My auctioneer is an independent (Christian Bartley) well known for Royal Children Hospitals Good Friday Appeal Auction. He is exceptionally talented and is very professional. The results can be phenomenal.

When your property is listed for sale with Jodie Bliss Real Estate, your property is serviced by Jodie Bliss allowing for one on one dealings for both vendors and purchasers. This approach has proven to be exceptionally successful and appreciated by vendors. Remembering vendors are who Jodie Bliss works for.